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Woodfire oven pizzeria in Norbury!

A Sorrentina and

Neapolitan Tradition 

 Authentically Made in Italy


Over 300 years of Quality Craftmanship

Only the best pizzerias use

Alfa Forni woodfire ovens !

Made from a rich volcanic soil with silicon and pumice. These oven bases are porous, evenly spread heat and don’t mark or burn pizzas.


This ancient trade, is so highly prized to woodfire pizza oven makers and owners, thanks to the properties of the very clay itself. In a document from the 1400s, Sorrento was already famed as being an area characterised with the production of roof tiles and pavers. Still visible on the roofs of houses in the Sorrento peninsula today, as well as other traditional clay objects like hot water tanks, grills, vases, money boxes and terracotta tubes.

 The bricks and oven bases produced by the craftsmen of Alfa Forni are used to build wood fired ovens for bakeries and pizzerias all around the world.

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